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"Every interaction has an opportunity to create more understanding, or it has the ability to feed into assumptions you may already have about that person." 
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The Opening Week of LEE Restoran

June 1st was the opening of Lee Restoran, the place I'm fortunate to be a part of here in Tallinn, Estonia. Here are some thoughts from the first week.
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The Creative Process

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a chef is the opportunities we get to create seemingly unique or new experiences for the guests that we serve. In this aspect of the job, the creative process is a key and vital component. I wanted to take some time to share a few points from what I have learned through the creative process, not just in the kitchen, but in many areas of my life. Hopefully, at the very least, it verifies or challenges what you think about creativity.
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"More importantly, I am able to recall different people in my life, who have played some sort of role, and it’s this memory of all these people that have shaped me to be the person that I am."
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Being Open to Other Perspectives

It's important to know what you believe in, but maybe we are starting to lose sight of the fact that others also have the capabilities of forming their own beliefs, even if they contradict yours....
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