35 quotes from 35 years of life. 

I wrote this book with the intention of sharing a few things I have picked up along the way along with original photos from my travels. 

My desire was to snapshot this certain point in my life, and write down some lessons. My hope is that you will find inspiration in these quotes, that they will challenge you, and that just maybe, it will add something positive for you, as it has for me. 

Life Lessons and Anecdotes at 35

Journaling has been a constant in my life and the process of writing down what goes through my head has been a life-giving practice.  

In this 27-page e.book, I want to share with you some journaling techniques that I use as well as what impact journaling has had on me. 

If you've had the urge to start journaling but don't know where to begin, or you want to find different techniques or ideas on the practice, you're the person I've written this for!

Journaling Techniques and Ideas

This 47-page e-book documents the process we went through to turn a Dodge Caravan into our home. We spent two months traveling around Canada, and this van was stocked with everything we needed to sleep, eat, and adventure from Victoria, British Columbia to PercĂ«, Quebec. 

If you're looking to get ideas on how you can convert your vehicle into a camper van, of you are just interested in seeing how we prepped for adventure, this

e-book is for you!

Camperizing Our 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

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