2020/06/140 Comments

The Stories of Others

Taking time to listen to the experiences that other people have is one of the most fulfilling and rich aspects of life. My latest job has proved this once again.
2020/05/100 Comments

A Couple Questions about Patience

Patience has always been a virtue that has eluded me...but I'm trying to change that.
2020/04/140 Comments

Value of a Mission Statement - 293 Wallace and Beyond

Want to know what was the spine of 293 Wallace, our restaurant in Hope? We let you in behind the scenes.
2020/03/310 Comments

Purpose vs. Medium

Cooking has been a staple in my life ever since high school. But my love for food has shifted and changed over the years.
2020/03/180 Comments

Purpose Amidst Chaos

COVID-19. we are starting to see the effects of it. Here's what I see.
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