Why Have Purpose?

I imagine that for many people, the question, “what’s the purpose of life?” is a difficult one to answer. I feel that through years and years of pondering this question, maybe I’ve come up with an answer for what my purpose is. 

But the question that continually stumps me is “why have a purpose at all?” 

It’s somewhat of a pessimistic mindset, and it’s efficiently demotivating. It’s nice to have purpose and nice to think we are heading in some sort of direction. 

We learn new things so that we can save money, make more money, get a promotion, or get a job. We travel to gain a more well rounded view of how people interact with each other and their environment, and we can learn what they do with food, fashion, and law. 

All these things are important for surviving and thriving in the system that we have created, the system that dictates most of our lives. 

But why? 

So that we can live the best life that we can live? Wouldn’t it be more logical to be selfish, take what you can get, keep your circle small and treat those in that small circle well while forgetting everyone else. 

So we can make a difference in this world? Let’s be honest, there are few people that make such a difference on a global scale that there’s almost no point aiming for that. It seems much more reasonable to walk down the middle, unobtrusively going about your quiet existence.

What’s the point of being ambitious? Even if you did get to the point where you had a global stage, not everyone will listen. And what’s your point going to be? 

I’ve become increasingly skeptical of the role of human beings in this world, especially looking from a biological standpoint. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, all of Earth would simply be better off if we didn’t exist. 

And here we are, like a virus, ruthlessly trying to survive, to keep creating, to keep showing dominance over the Earth and her resources, and over each other. All while vomiting our opinions all over as if it matters. (Trust me, the irony of writing a piece like this is not lost on me.)

I admire those who have drive, especially those who have a drive for a seemingly just cause. 

Stop animal cruelty. Stop racism. More gender equality. Equal opportunities. Equal distribution of resources. Stop starvation. 

I’m happy that people fight the good fight. 

Still, the question is why? 

The best answer I can come up with is this. Having forward motion and drive is simply a better option than to lack ambition and motivation.

Sometimes, however, you can’t help but feel as if there’s no point. 

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